Rolex watch technology -950 platinum shine

Precious rare platinum has been hailed as the replica watches uk most noble metal, its silver and white shiny luster particularly attention. Platinum can be traced back to ancient Egypt and the swiss rolex former Columbus era, and later discovered for the Europeans. Platinum has a very special physical properties, until the mystery of its modern shape was deconstructed. Since then, the status of platinum high, as the most prominent extraordinary metal. Especially in the jewelry gem against the background, its charm is far better than all the material. \ Platinum can only be mined in a few areas around the world, such as South Africa and Russia. Platinum is a platinum-based metal, and other members include palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. Platinum is one of the world's highest density and heaviest metals and has unique chemical and physical properties, such as extraordinary corrosion resistance. However, the contradiction is that platinum texture is soft, flexible and highly ductile, which makes the machining and polishing is very difficult. In Rolex, responsible for the strap and watch the watchmaker are experienced, polished platinum technology is well aware of the fine. \ \ Gems and souls Although platinum has a very high corrosion resistance, its flashing gloss is the reason why platinum has a special status. Regardless of its finished parts or semi-modified raw materials, platinum are blooming aura of white light. Because of this, among the many metals, platinum is often the best choice for the jeweler. Its color so that gems emit an unparalleled light, brilliant eye-catching. \ \ Rolex with 950 platinum, the alloy with 950 ‰ (thousands of) the amount of platinum, generally also added ruthenium. Rolex, especially in the oyster watch the most prestigious week calendar type watch to join the platinum style. The watch will be able to identify a glimpse of ice blue dial with the calendar calendar or Daytona for the platinum model. In addition, platinum is also used for yacht Mingshi platinum watch the scale of the outer ring and dial, and 18ct white gold yacht Mingshi II outer ring. In the steel and white gold professional watch on the Cerachrom outer ring through the PVD physical vapor deposition method, for the scale coated with platinum coating. Although the history of the West until the 19th century in the field of jewelry and watchmaking in the use of platinum, however, this metal has a long history. In addition to ancient Egypt has long been aware of its existence, the former Columbus culture has also used platinum records. Unfortunately, after a long time, platinum was again watched. Platinum name from the Spanish "platina", meaning "small silver", this is because the Spaniards in the 17th century in South America for the first time found this unknown white metal, and its future value at the time it is difficult to imagine The A century later, platinum was introduced in Europe, its physical and chemical properties immediately aroused the interest of scientists at that time. But until the early 19th century pure platinum side successfully extracted. Because the melting point of platinum is extremely high (more than 1,700 ° C), it is possible to fully understand the complex conversion technology used to produce platinum by the end of the 19th century and later used in jewelry and watchmaking.